Page 102 - Material Flows of the Home Appliance Industry
P. 102

 Improvement in the collection and recycling of smaller appliances
          While large appliances are recycled to a very high degree, there is still room for improvement in the recycling of smaller appliances. In particular, improvements in collection and sorting of smaller appliances are needed for higher recycling rates.
 Consumers have an important role
    While collection systems can be improved, consumers have an important role in ensuring that small appliances reach the collection points and are not disposed with unsorted municipal solid waste.
 Identify the fate of  ows not handled by Industry
 While industry-driven recycling schemes do collect substantial amounts of WEEE (14,1 Mt from 2006 to date), even larger amounts are handled outside the schemes, particularly for large home appliances and metal-dominated products. It is recommended to carry out an EU-wide study to identify the fate of flows not handled by Industry.

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