Page 16 - Material Flows of the Home Appliance Industry
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The home appliance sector is a major manufacturing actor, offering highly skilled, highly paid employment directly to almost a quarter of a million people in Europe; and indirectly to a further three- quarters of a million. For each job that can be created in the home appliance industry, between three and four additional jobs are created in the wider economy.
In 2015-16, the sector produced €44 billion in turnover in Europe annually, €1.4 billion in investment and €14 billion collectively to European national treasuries.
The home appliance sector has already a proven record of energy and resource efficiency, circular from the outset. The industry has continuously provided
a significant contribution through designing and manufacturing innovative products that cut resource use, especially energy and water, save labour as
well as time and money, and reducing waste. Home appliance manufacturers are constantly improving products to maintain this added value that enriches the lives of all of society.

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