Page 26 - Material Flows of the Home Appliance Industry
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   In some countries, the share of the total employment from the home appliance industry is close to 1% (Slovenia), while in many countries
it is between 0,1 and 0,2%. In total, it is estimated that
over 3% of EU manufacturing employment
is directly or indirectly related to the home appliance sector.
  This resulted in approximately
€6,2 billion paid in salaries.
At the same time the average salary in the HA industry is almost
€500 higher/year
than the average EU salary.
  In 2014, the turnover was close to €44 billions, representing at EU level
more than 0,4% of national GDP,
with peeks in countries like Slovenia (3,07%), Hungary (1,17%) and Poland (1,17%). In absolute terms turnover is higher in Germany (€14 billion), Italy (€8,6 billion), Poland (€4,8 billion) and France (€3,8 billion).
Source: CECED Annual report 2015/2016.

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