Page 77 - Material Flows of the Home Appliance Industry
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 The total weight of packaging placed on the market with home appliances corresponds to
almost 0,8 Mt per year
 The weight of packaging expressed as a percentage of the appliance’s weight varies much from small to large appliances.
     Total Packaging Waste (Mt)
Average packaging share relative to equipment
Packaging waste (t)/Placed on the market (t) Packaging waste (kg)/ Placed on the market (unit)
Large Small
home home apliances apliances
0,16 0,53
5,0% 38,1% 1,39 0,61
Cooling & freezing
6,4% 2,37
Washing machine
2,3%1 1,61
Vacuum cleaner
10,4%2 0,61
   1EuP Preparatory study (table 4-5). 2PEuP Preparatory study.
 EU home appliances packaging represents
less than 1% of total
packaging waste generated in the EU
 0,96% of EU packaging waste is home appliance packaging
of paper
of plastics
of wood
Source: UNU-VIE SCYCLE calculations based on CECED members and EuP studies. Eurostat - Waste packaging generation year 2014 (82,3 Mt)
of other packaging

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