Page 92 - Material Flows of the Home Appliance Industry
P. 92

The Overall Circularity of Materials
Extrapolating the findings of the recent analysis carried out in UK, a minimum of 80% of home appliances generated as waste could be estimated as collected across EU. In 2016, home appliances waste generation is estimated at 5 Mt, which equals nearly 4 Mt of materials being collected across the EU.
However, the degree of material recovery is only known for part of this total, the 1,7 Mt being officially reported and handled by industry.
These estimations reinforce other studies and survey finding that only one third of home appliance waste generated is officially collected by industry, 34%, and managed in an environmentally sound way.
Assuming that the 46% of home appliance waste collected by complementary commercial actors would be treated according to same standards as waste managed by industry, the total material recovery from the 4 Mt of EU home appliance waste would be 3,1 Mt.

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