Page 95 - Material Flows of the Home Appliance Industry
P. 95

 For approximately 2,3 Mt, it is not know the degree of recovery or the quality of the treatment. This amount of waste should contain the following amount of recoverable materials, if they were to be treated to the same standard as by the industry1:
   1,3 Mt of Steel
Actual recovery performances of streams handled by other economic operators is mainly driven by market dynamics and the price of raw materials, particularly metals, which are historically the main driver behind the collection of home appliances by the metal recovery industry.
While the recovery percentage of main metals might be high, it is unlikely that for other minor metals or materials, the effectiveness of recovery processes is the same.
   0,37 Mt of Plastics
   0,06 Mt of Copper
   0,06 Mt of Aluminium
1Output flows composition of page 85 applied to compelmentary flows.

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