Page 97 - Material Flows of the Home Appliance Industry
P. 97

  The circularity of the materials  ows of the home appliance industry
   3,1 Mt
of steel
  0,35 Mt
of copper
*Reference year 2016
   0,24 Mt
of aluminium
  1,14 Mt
of plastics
  Total volume of products placed on the market
6 Mt
Home Appliance Industry
Total volume of stock in EU homes
67 Mt
Total volume of materials being separately collected across the EU
      5 Mt
Estimated WEEE generated
        Home Appliance Industry & Other Manufacturing*
    Energy recovery:
0,19 Mt
Material recovery:
3,5 Mt
4 Mt
Industry collected:
1,7 Mt
Other channels collected:
2,3 Mt
   2,3 Mt
of steel
  0,1 Mt
of copper
 0,40 Mt
of others
Based on the data in this report, we can estimate the circularity of the material flows of the home appliance industry as above.
* Recovered materials may go to many manufacturing circles and not just back into producing new home appliances.
   0,1 Mt
of aluminium
  0,6 Mt
of plastics

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